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Operation Smile Sweden
Mölnlycke support Operation Smile in the establishment of a Cleft Care Center in Cebu, Philippines. The purpose is to ensure access to safe and timely comprehensive cleft care in Cebu to achieve sustainable clinical and patient outcomes. The Cleft Care Centers operated by Operation Smile are an integral part in ensuring year-round access to comprehensive cleft care. The establishment of a center in Cebu will, not only, contribute toward overall care delivery but it will also ensure consistent multidisciplinary care in a region of the Philippines where it has previously been absent.

The goal is 10 000 surgeries but also the distribution of protective surgical supplies and development of surgical procedure trays, as well as education and training on infection prevention and control.

For US employees, donate here:
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    This donation is made on behalf of Making Smiles Thailand Team to contribute to helping Operation Smile to improve the lives of patients

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    Kudos to Lina Karlsson for a really interesting presenting regarding BA Antiseptics


    This donation is made on behalf of Mönlycke France employees to contribute to helping Operation Smile to improve the lives of patients

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